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April 2012 St. Louis Trip

April 13, 2012 Leave a comment

We had a great time in St. Louis the last two weeks. It was a trip to see my sweetheart’s family and attend the wedding of one of her nephews. On Thursday, we visited her oldest nephew and other family members which we rarely get to visit. Ms. Hunt had made quilts for the current toddler as well as one that isn’t born yet. We had a great time with her brother, niece, and the rest of the family.
We were invited to the rehearsal party at the bride’s parents which was at a house southwest of St. Louis in the country. The house was perched on a steep slope and backed up to a wonderful distant view of forest. The food and company was great fun and we are very pleased to have been invited.
The wedding was a delight. It was set in an ancient cemetery in the Northern part of St. Louis. There was an elegant chapel (Hotchkiss Chapel) that turned out to be a perfect location. After the ceremony, we all drove to the party at the Schlafly Tap Room near our hotel in downtown St. Louis. This was great fun with lots of great beer and dancing to fun music. Ms. Hunt and I danced to several songs including on Elvis Presley song. Everyone had a great time.

Hotchkiss Chapel in the Bellefontaine Cemetery St. Louis, MO

Hotchkiss Chapel in the Bellefontaine Cemetery St. Louis, MO

On Sunday, we attended an Easter egg hunt and the ritual dyeing of actual eggs at another nephew’s house. It was great to visit with family and reestablish bonds. The drive to and from St. Louis from Raleigh was tiring, but we are glad we made it. Good luck to the very happy couple on their future.
Drury Inn at Union Station
One very nice part of our stay in St. Louis was the choice in hotels. We had booked the Drury Inn at Union Station due to it being two blocks from the reception site. We didn’t know it at the time, but this was a very nice choice. The inn is in a restored building from 1909 which had been in disrepair and then restored to be a hotel. It had originally been built to house railroad people since it was just across the street from Union Station (now an entertainment venue.) It had a lot of old photos, scale railroad cars in cases, and great character. It also had all the normal amenities you would find in modern hotels. The free breakfast was very welcome and the 5:30 happy hours were excellent. You could make a meal out of the nibbles and we did. The only downer was the free beer was Bud Light which I consider swill, but it was free.
Interior of Drury Inn at Union Station in St. Louis

Interior of Drury Inn at Union Station in St. Louis

There is no question that we would consider staying at the hotel again when we visit. The only downside is that it is about 20 minutes from family, but it is near the things we like to do like the St. Louis Art Museum and the Missouri Botanical Garden. Of course, being near the tap room doesn’t hurt.

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