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TACFUG Meeting Notes 2012-03-15

March 16, 2012 1 comment

Eleven of us met at Open Intelligence in Raleigh on March 15th for the monthly TACFUG meeting. Anant Pradhan gave a presentation titled Design Patterns for Everyday Use. This was a precursor to his talk at CF.Objective in May.

Anant is a young developer at UNC-CH and is taking graduate classes there along with working. He started with a general description of design patterns explaining that they were best practices rather than recipes for code. Many of the same problems come up in programming and similar solutions have been found. These have been organized into types including creation, structural, behavioral, and concurrency. Anant explained that only the first three really were used these days.

He went on to describe the three types in detail with listings of a number of subtypes. I won’t give away any spoilers so you will need to go to his talk in Minnesota to get all the good stuff. He is still working on parts of his talk, especially thinking of code examples that would help explain some of the information. It looks like this is going to be a good session for folks who didn’t grow up using Java.

There was discussion among the group after Anant’s preso. He got a lot of good feedback from the group about pretty much everything. Dan Wilson brought up a book that helped him get started with design patterns called Refactoring To Patterns by Joshua Kerievsky.

Please send me any changes or comments on my notes. I write them up so I remember them.


TACFUG 2012-02-23 Meeting Notes

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Quick and dirty: things I wrote down at the meeting. Jim Priest (@TheCrumb) presented on code reviews that he is developing for a CF.Objective talk.

BitNami – Jim uses a lot of tools from that site. We somehow got into a discussion on coding standards. I think I asked about that. A good one can be found on the ColdBox site. CodeCop was mentioned as was VarScoper.

Ethervane Echo was described as a multi-clip replacement for the Windows clipboard function. It saves everything you have clipped so you can go back to them and even combine them to insert. I thought about it as a great quick snippet tool. Also, CLCL was mentioned as another multi-clip clipboard replacement by Gerry Gurvich(sp?).

Someone mentioned Cropper for cropping out screen shots. Skitch was also mentioned. I don’t remember the context other than that Dan Wilson was a fan.

Thanks to Dan Wilson for the pizza. I forgot to tell him, I shift blame to the usual suspects. Those were the largest pizzas that I have ever witnessed. Also, thanks to the SCI Consulting for letting us use the conference room for the meeting.

Update: Charlie Arehart mentioned ClipX on the TACFUG email list.