Roger is a geek from western North Carolina now living and working in the research triangle park area of that state. He is a certified geek with skills in software development covering three decades. He has developed in many languages over the years. His current work is mostly interactive web sites and backend databases linked by ColdFusion. He also has a degree in Chemistry and worked for a decade as a synthetic organic chemist making radiolabeled pharmaceuticals and other compounds with Tritium and/or Carbon-14 isotopes.

Extra geek points come from a variety of other interests including woodturning or using a wood lathe. He is a former board member and officer in the American Association of Woodturners as well as a long time leader in the defunct Triangle Woodturners of North Carolina.

He also has an interest in human research subject protection as a member of an institutional research board at his current employer. This is the committee that approves research proposals when they have humans as research subjects (think clinical trials as an example.) This approval process is a federal law and is regulated by an agency of the US Federal Government. There is an amazing history behind these regulations and a lot to learn.

His rotund physique has been enhanced by years of cooking all kinds of stuff. He is no gastronome, but he knows what he likes. He can be followed on Twitter at @RogerTheGeek. His  employment information can be found on his LinkedIn profile. If he ever needs a job again, please hire him.

Roger’s other interests include watching sports on TV, especially football, baseball, and stock car racing. He likes reading including science fiction, scientific works, and non-fiction. He can also be found in front of a computer screen much of the time.

He also fancies himself as a gardener of tasty and pretty plants. The plant eating bugs, deer, squirrels, rabbits, and other critters agree. He digs holes to plant things that Miss Hunt purchases. He can be found in the front yard digging up lots of rocks and burying kitchen trimmings and coffee grounds. That is him in the hat.

He has an Amazon wish list if you ever need to add to his book supply.

As usual, this blog only reflects the thoughts of Roger and has no relationship with his employer or anyone or anything else. See the disclaimer page above if you don’t believe it.

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