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Triangle Javascript 2013-07-30 AngularJS and Yeoman

Live tweeting the AngularJS/Yeoman presentation at TriangleJS meeting.  Kyle Buchanan presenting.

  • HTML as your teplate language (can be extended)Two-way data binding between views and models
  • Encourages structure and testing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Templates are a big part of the efficiency.

Kyle showing some code, explaining the $scope. ng-repeat example.

The ng- thingies are called directives.

Now talking about 2-way data binding.

Showing ng-model. There are many ng-<something>. Check out the documentation.

Creating a Service- Angular creates a singleton when it injects a service. They call it a service, but the method is called .factory

app.factory(‘NowPlayingSvc’, [function() {

return {

libraries: [








  • AngularJS Documentation
  • Egghead.io
  • AngularJS eBook
  • AngularJS on Google+

Look for preso on the TriangleJS github account.

Yeoman http://yeoman.io/

A workflow tools Yo, Grunt, and Bower.

To scaffolds out a new application. Grunt builds, etc. Bower is used for dependency management.

You need node.js, git and optionally Ruby and Compass if you plan to run compass

Working with Yeoman and AngularJS


This Yeoman looks great. I guess I’ll need an Apple to run this stuff.


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