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IEEE / Robot and Automation Society Meeting 2013-06-03

Panel discussion about Raspberry Pi. Looks like about 40-45 people in attendance. This was a combined meeting of the IEEE chapter and the local TriEmbedded group.

First, everyone introduces themselves. A lot of electrical engineers. Some very impressive people are here. Fred Brooks is sitting behind me. This is the uber geek group. The Robotics and Automation society will meet on the second Monday of each month.

Terrence Fagan from CPCC talking about teaching kids about programming and engineering. raspberry copilot project. You can teach Python and Minecraft. Raspberry Pi Model B $35 credit card computer. Pitfalls: steep learning curve. Teachers overworked. Still in hands of DIYers and Higher ed. Charlotte Latin TedxCharlotteED on an all girls class. Watch video. David Taylor also had a class using Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi – Linux. He uses Debian. Scratch game is a great way to get kids involved. Minecraft is a lego like game that can be hacked by kids. Beagle Board – Beagle Bone Black is the new one. It is a compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

Next speaker: Francois Dion – Dion Research. Fully integrated hardware and software development for industry. A group he started – http://www.pyptug.com/ His blog: http://raspberry-python.blogspot.com/ There were several groups in the Triad area, but not a lot of attendance. He also is part of a hackerspace in Winston-Salem. Raspberry Pi Model A He showed a camera attachment. Raspberry Pi Model B – Minecraft can be implemented in a very small amount of code. You can ssh -X (putty with Windows) into the RP from a desktop. Libelium e-Health 9 biometric sensors. That was a fun demo.

Next Speaker: John Delaney with Fedora. He is demonstrating using the Raspberry Pi as a PDP-11 emulator. Yes, he has gone back in time. A good bit of very technical discussion on the processors within the Raspberry Pi.

Q&A: Demos of some very cool gadgets. People here know a lot more than I do about this and they are speaking in tongues.

Lightning talks: discussion on piping something to an outside service and receive input back such as facial recognition. Arduino takes a photo of a face, pipes the image out to a facial recognition API, and receives the name of the person back. 2) a strange lucite contraption that is very cool; 3) a guy who is using Raspberry Pi in their package for balloon. They have all sorts of devices like accellerometers, GPS, altitude sensors, etc. sending info from Arduino to a storage card. Nearspace balloon project. Showed the camera module for the Raspberry Pi.

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