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Analytics Camp 2013 – Data Visualization

Session 2 I attended was a panel discussion on Data Visualization. There was some confusion in that there really wasn’t a defined leader at first. What happened next is part of the unconference magic. People started sharing their experiences and at least 6-8 people were giving some really good information.
Spotfire was mentioned as well as Tableau. Tableau was thought to be a little difficult to share with clients. The on-line demos were good in Tableau and shared with the cloud. You have to be careful not to use confidential data.
SAS is represented so there was discussion of their visualization applications. There seems to be a lot of new applications coming out.
JMP was discussed (SAS).
What are some of the free data visualization software packages? You can google for those and there are some good ones.
Many Eyes from IBM was mentioned with the caveat that you have to upload your data so proprietary data is problematic.

2013-05-04 11.49.37

Discussion on medical data and depending on difficult data to make decisions. There are many problems. Difficulty of doing no harm. One issue is what information did they have before.
Discussion of what types of graphics will actually present your idea the best. Stephen Few and Edward Tufty. Tufty does one day workshops.
“Don’t show your client something that you can’t do in crayon.”
How to deal with multiple axes with different scales. It can be misleading.
Book: Back of the Napkin was mentioned.

Q: How do you validate data visualization graphics? A: validate the data before you visualize. Also, presentation can affect what people see in the visualization. They might interpret the graphics and come to conclusions that might not follow the data. Of course, the visualization may also give you insight that you can’t perceive from looking at the table of data.

Wordle was mentioned as a word visualization tool.

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  1. May 4, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Nice recap – newbies & gurus can get a feel for what’s possible w/ Data Viz tools via SAS Visual Analytics @ http://www.sas.com/va.

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