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Ruby Brigade Meetup 2013-04-09

Introduction, jobs, old leader moving on, new leader of the meetup group is coming in. Cheers for the guy who was the past leader. He mentioned the PyCon controversy and the response the RB group will have. He introduced Brandon Mathis who will be doing the intro presentation, “So … you want to be a Ruby Programmer.” @brandonmathis brandonmathis.me

Many of the attendees are new to Ruby as it should be. Strictly focused on the language alone, not the other issues like Rails, pair programming, agile, etc. Long intro to the Triangle.

Philosophy of Ruby: he has a fetish for Ruby language. Three basic rules to writing Ruby code, Readable, Minimize Confusion, Make the Developer Happy. Quote by Russ Olsen.

Ruby reads like a sentence. Example of a while loop with a counter.

5.times { puts “odelay”}

Coder speech, language of our thoughts.

Challenge to read code from 5 days ago. Write 100 lines, save it, and look at it again in 5 days and tell what every line does. ([roger] not sure this is true.)

There are at least five different versions of Ruby in the wild. Max started on it in the early 90s. Last release was out 45 days ago. Single pass virtual machine. version 1.9 came out 2 years ago. He is a jRuby advocate. jRuby runs on the JVM which helps when bringing it into enterprise situations. Java devs are less excited about versions that are not compatible with the JVM. Tightly integrated with Java.

MRI is another flavor of Ruby. Ruby 2.0.

Rubineous(sp?) C++ bytecode implementation.

MacRuby is another one. Write Mac applications for the Mac store. Objective-C.

RubyMotion – $150 iOS applications in Ruby.

Basic tools to maintain versions of Ruby.

rbenv- Helps you install different versions of Ruby depending on what version your client has installed on their systems.


Homebrew- Mac package manager.

Ubuntu has excellent package manager.

git- number one tool for source control.

Gems- libraries written in Ruby. RubyGems.org


Bundler- it’s a gem.

Put a list of links for Resources. He will put links on the meetup site.

Did some examples of coding features in Ruby. Everything is an object ([roger] like C#).

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