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Analytics Camp 2012 Introduction to Google Analytics

Jim Hazen from SAS led the session on introduction to Google Analytics.

Jim Hazen from SAS talking about basic web site analytics

Jim Hazen at Analytics Camp 2012

Concepts in analytics. Described the triangle concept of

Hits, Page Views, Visits, Visitors, and Individuals.

Use of a permanent cookie to determine a specific visitor. Use of authentication to determine a specific visitor.

Time on site explanation. Interesting idea of how they determine how much time people spend on a site. The last page they visited is indeterminate. Only n-1 pages can be measured since they are measuring the difference between visit timestamps.

No absolute in web analytics, this isn’t finance. Trends are more important than absolutes.

Much on the Google Analytics main page is crap. It is based on older web analytics. You have to drill down more to answer any questions about it.

Shows Visitors Overview page graphics by day, month, year. Showed location data using SAS site as the example. Showed how to use the filters to get rid of the noise.

Interesting idea for looking at what types of devices are accessing your site. Is mobile important? You can answer the question about how to divert resources for mobile development versus web development. Is mobile important?

People are bidding for you when you search Google. Google is asking for bids for ads from vendors when you search.

When you click on a ad link at the top of the search, someone pays Google a specific amount. Google is optimizing it for their benefit. All the ads have tracking codes.

Organic search items are below (in white) under the page search items.

The Sources page is @DeanPeters (SAS) favorite report because it tells you how people are getting to your site.

Very interesting discussion that had to be cut short.


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