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TACFUG 2012-02-23 Meeting Notes

Quick and dirty: things I wrote down at the meeting. Jim Priest (@TheCrumb) presented on code reviews that he is developing for a CF.Objective talk.

BitNami – Jim uses a lot of tools from that site. We somehow got into a discussion on coding standards. I think I asked about that. A good one can be found on the ColdBox site. CodeCop was mentioned as was VarScoper.

Ethervane Echo was described as a multi-clip replacement for the Windows clipboard function. It saves everything you have clipped so you can go back to them and even combine them to insert. I thought about it as a great quick snippet tool. Also, CLCL was mentioned as another multi-clip clipboard replacement by Gerry Gurvich(sp?).

Someone mentioned Cropper for cropping out screen shots. Skitch was also mentioned. I don’t remember the context other than that Dan Wilson was a fan.

Thanks to Dan Wilson for the pizza. I forgot to tell him, I shift blame to the usual suspects. Those were the largest pizzas that I have ever witnessed. Also, thanks to the SCI Consulting for letting us use the conference room for the meeting.

Update: Charlie Arehart mentioned ClipX on the TACFUG email list.

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