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Science On-Line 2012

I got word on Wednesday, January 18th, that I was off the waiting list and off to the science bloggers / writers conference Science Online 2012 at the McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University. After signing up, I started perusing the sessions at the unconference and was happy to see a number of interesting topics.

Day 1 was very interesting. After the initial welcome by @MisterSugar, Dr. Randy Woodson, chancellor of NC State gave an official welcome to the university. He obviously “got it” and was happy to be the host to this event. The keynote was next with @mireyamayor of National Geographic video fame. Her keynote was one of the most interesting keynotes I have seen at a conference (though I mostly go to geek conferences where speaking is not a main skill.)  She gave a hour long talk on how she started and how she segued from a graduate student studying monkeys in the jungle to TV host. It resonated with most in the audience who most likely had a similar history. She is an adventurer at heart and it showed in her talk.

The sessions started after that. I have to say that I had not studied the program given the late addition to my schedule so I figured I would “wing it”. During the rest of the day, I hit some winners and some that I wish now I had skipped. I’ll add those to the blog after I think about them. I should have looked into the rooms to see where the more famous people were attending since I didn’t have a lot of experience with the topics. I may try that technique in Day 2.

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