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Woodturning Weekend Workshop: Lidded Vessels

I am very excited about leading a weekend workshop called lidded vessels at the NC State University Crafts Center this October. This will be an intermediate level workshop where attendees will need to have a basic understanding of woodturning, but I figure I will get a few folks with only basic skills. This shouldn’t be a big problem, but they won’t get as far as the intermediate folks.

Lidded Vessel with Contrasting Lid

Lidded Vessel

I continue to work on the outline of what I want to specifically do during the session, but two days isn’t a lot of time to go off on a tangent. I usually structure a two day workshop into eight sections, four each day. I have a break in the morning, lunch, and a break in the afternoon. I have to remember that people get tired and bad things can happen when people are using woodworking tools and they are tired.

The main thing we will do is turn a hollow vessel through a modest opening, then we will make a lid in a contrasting wood that should gracefully fit the shape of the vessel. This is not so easy as the attendees will find out.

Turning a vessel is a very straight forward task for an intermediate wood turner whether cross grain or with the grain. We will aim for an opening that will be between half and a third of the diameter of the vessel. There are some pieces that the crafts center has obtained from the estate of a friend that we may use for the vessels. I intend on bringing my hook tool to demonstrate cutting end grain at the bottom of a vessel.

The lids will be the most interesting part of the workshop. There are so many ways to accomplish this task and many ways to chuck the pieces. It will be an exploration. I hope we have time to do some inlay or overlays. We will definitely make some of the lids with multiple pieces such as adding a finial to the top.

NCSU students can start registering for all classes on July 26th. Non students can register starting August 9th. If interested, it is important to register very early if not waiting for them to open on the first day. There is usually a waiting list that quickly forms for classes and workshops.

If you are in the Research Triangle Park area and like to take crafts classes, you should get on the email list for the Crafts Center so you stay up to date.

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